What: Curvity is an arbitrary name for the physics as described in the story written by Daniel Fry, an alien contactee, specifically in his books Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding, Steps to the Stars and They Rode in Space Ships. Curvity is the idea that the laws of physics are curved and can not only reach zero, but go negative and a good place to start is to read the Introduction to Curvity.

Who: This website is run by Sean Donovan, who is also responsible for the parent website, Daniel Fry Dot Com and is author of “Contactee – Was Daniel W. Fry telling the Truth?“. The book contains not only all of Daniel Fry’s story in one place for the first time, but the extensive research carried out to validate it and a biography. The research into Fry’s story is split into two parts, physics covered here and a part only covered in the book, pre-history. In any evaluation of the Curvity source material, it is important to understand the context from which it came, which is why the biography exists.

Sean Donovan also blogs and does so because:

… if the path leads to success, history will know the truth, or if frustration, the next individual won’t have to reproduce everything. The blog is also a way for others to find out about me and to use that as part of their judgment of the research.

Why: This website use to be a wiki for over ten years, but nobody every added any content and so it was changed to a more static website.

Curvity, the name, was chosen because it is short, related to Relativity and it’s meaning is close to the core idea of the physics described in Fry’s books. The name suggested by Fry/Alan, i.e. “Curved Natural Law”, was not used because the physics is not natural, nor a law.

There was an experiment attempted to provide evidence that Curvity is true and it is covered in the blog and under the research pages.

The goal of the curvity website is to not allow the desire to believe it is true override the evidence it is false.

When: A brief chronology is constantly being updated on the Timeline page.