Microwave Propulsion Funding Proposal v2.0

Hi Rambabu,

Below is a revised and more general version of the funding proposal (proposal is available in the wiki).  Notable differences are that I moved the references to the end and expanded the section on the tests that would be carried out.  I also removed the funding requirements because I don’t know what the University requires, besides $7K for a two year license to CST’s MWS.

Can you think of any other tests we could do?  If an enclosed cavity hanging from a pendulum inside a Faraday cage or vacuum chamber still moves, that will be quite some result.

Does the University have or have access to a vacuum chamber?

After spending a few hours looking at all the funding requirements by the various agencies, I have narrow them down to two:

  • Banting Research Foundation – The proposal seems to fit all the requirements of their foundation including the amount of money we need and who can apply, except they are not clear if they only fund medical research.  I have sent them an email, of which you should have been cc’d.
  • Alberta Energy Research Institute – This one is not a good fit, but it might fit under their “hydrogen economy” funding program.

I had a short list of four other funding sources, but the problem is that one or more of their requirements disqualifies us.  Does the university have any access to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation?  It sounds like only University level institutions can apply.

I am thinking that finding funding maybe more about personal connections then cold-calling organizations.  You know anybody that might be interested in this type of research?

If funding is not forth coming, would it be possible to have one of your graduate students take on this project?  The material costs should negligible if I have the cavity welded externally and purchase the rest of the parts myself, i.e. another waveguide-to-n transition for the probe and power coupler.