Initial 3D Model of Shawyer Cavity

Hi Rambabu,

I have the first iteration of the Shawyer model finished in MWS and will be bringing it up to the university to simulate.  The MAC address on the Levitee computer has changed because we are using a new motherboard and when Kevin gets back, I will work with him to get the license setup.

The model is parameterized such that any optimization routines can change a large number of parameters, from the diameter of the narrow end, to its length, to the width of the cone shaped part, etc.  This should help us nail down the optimum shape for the highest possible Q.  Shawyer stated in a PDF submitted to the IAC 2008 conference that the demonstrator engine had an “overall diameter of 280mm” which I assume means the diameter of the large end.  From the large end, I have scaled everything else based on pictures.

Here is the entire structure:

And here is the original:

Here is the copper probe with a port attached to it.

I modeled the probe after one of the waveguide-to-n transition pieces I have:

Kevin had some good suggestions in regards to how the model should be built, specifically how it should be enclosed.  The shown model just has “PEC” as the background, but I will build a second model that has copper as the surrounding material.