Shawyer Cavity Models – First Run

Ok, the simulation using the frequency domain solver for the non-copper clad cavity (v1_00) finished after 26 hours and here is the S1,1 plot:

At least it is giving somewhat coherent results, although I think what it tells me is that the matching is completely whacked if at the best resonant frequency (~2.78Ghz), it is only -6.5db.

I’ll see if the copper clad cavity is different…  See you Tuesday Kevin.

First Simulation of Shawyer Cavity

Kevin, welcome back!   I worked on the models a bit more this week.

Do you have time to meet on Tuesday next week in the afternoon at say 3pm?  You have classes on Tuesday and Fridays, right?  I need to understand how to get this model working, i.e. I assume I first worry about matching, then getting it resonating at 2.45Ghz frequency and then Q?  I will bring up what I have done and we can go over the model.  I am also unsure about what parameters I have control over that will allow me to fix any matching problems, given the model is pretty simple.

I think we are ready to get the CST license installed, can you send them the MAC address?

Here is the v1_00 model with a tetrahedral mesh which has about 31,000 cells and exploits a symmetry along the center (the z axis, the left and right hand sides of the cavity are symmetrical)

I have also created v1_01 of the model which is copper clad and below is a close up of the copper clad cavity with the probe and a hexagonal mesh:

I am currently running both v1 and v1_01 through a quick simulation to see if the results make any sense.  (I love quad systems, I can run two simulations at the same time each using two cores and I am only using 2GB of the 3.1GB available.)