Coming Up To University and Pictures

I got the 3rd attempt of the waveguide & antenna finished and took pictures of it for the wiki.  I will be up tomorrow afternoon unless something comes up.

Sheet metal pyramid antenna 3rd try, front side shot

Kevin had also asked about the plasma cutter and I have a picture of that too:

In garage cutting with plasma cutter

You can’t see the rest of the plasma cutter which is sitting on the floor but it is a Hobart 250ci and is unique because it uses an inverter for the power supply making it quite light, only 27lbs, runs off a regular 115v outlet and has it’s own compressor onboard.  That is a home-made water table over which I have a recycled fence gate that I cut on top of.  Across from me, against the wall, you can see a sliver of the copper sheet still in the wood enclosure it was transported in and is one of two I have leaning against the wall.