LMR-400 and Probe Mount Finished

I moved the project ahead a bit today and got the LMR-400 cable and the probe mount finished:

I went with an aluminum block because that is what the original waveguide, where I got the probe, is made from.  The commercial waveguide to N piece I have is actually made from aluminum and anodized with what looks like a thin layer of brass.  Aluminum is also easy to work with and light.  I tried soldering the mount to the waveguide here but my soldering iron is not hot enough, in part because the copper conducts the heat away too fast.

Below is a list with all the things to do and things not yet crossed out have yet to be finished.

  • Purchase 2m of LMR-400 cable
  • Make the cavity and solder the seams
  • Make the probe mount and solder it to the cavity
  • Make the launcher for the magnetron probe and solder the seams.
  • Get proper barbed nozzles for the circulator for water cooling.

Sorry the build is taking longer then normal, but this is the busy season for TechOnFoot.  I am also making sure that I have all the tools and sources of metal necessary to make building the next set of cavities easier.