Copper Horn Resonator Finished

The resonator is finished:

It looks a bit messy, but it is because I got flux on my gloves and the outside oxidized a bit.

Here is a shot of the interior before I sealed it up:

Brazing with flux and solder worked excellent and it did not warp unlike sheet metal.

I will be up at the university today (Thursday) to try out the barbed nozzles with the circulator and start getting everything setup.  I will have to bring some type of shelving in order to mount the magnetron/circulator/waveguide-to-N near the roof of the faraday cage.

Update on work:

  • Purchase 2m of LMR-400 cable
  • Make the cavity and solder the seams
  • Make the probe mount and solder it to the cavity (I ended up using a copper block, the aluminum one would not braze)
  • Make the launcher for the magnetron probe and solder the seams.
  • Get proper barbed nozzles for the circulator for water cooling (got another set to try that are smaller and should fit this time) – test them.
  • Assemble the magnetron/circulator/waveguide-to-n assembly and mount a shelf for it.
  • Setup the water pump and radiator for the circulator.

Time flies…