Built Shelf for Microwave Source

I brought the cavity up to the lab today and hooked it up to the cable, both now hanging in the Faraday cage. I am now building a shelf, parts of which are sitting on the soldering lab bench, which will hold up the µw source assembly (magnetron, circulator, waveguide-to-n).

I tried the barbed nozzles and they fit the circulator (3/8″ sized hole it turns out), but the barbed nozzles fit 3/8″ size tubing but the tubing on my pump/radiator is 1/4″ in diameter which means I need 3/8″ sized threading and 1/4″ sized barbs. I will check Home Depot this afternoon and if they do not have any, I have an alternative solution ready.

I will be up tomorrow (Friday) to fix the shelf to the side of the Faraday cage and wire everything up.

My last task is to then build the magnetron probe to waveguide mount (8.6cm wide, 4.3 high and 8cm long).

I am taking the pyramid antenna back home to use as a guide. If TOF work doesn’t come up, I should have everything ready to go by the middle of next week.

Oh, and I scavenged another 1KW microwave. Not sure what is busted on it though.