Err, did it move?

Hmm,  I was editing the video for the Curvity wiki  and when I compared the start and end positions of the cavity, I noticed something strange – the cavity is moving over a very small distance and doing it sooo slowly that when we watched it live, the movement was not apparent.

  • Download this [removed, put in Wiki] which is a high resolution version of what I put on the wiki.  I highlighted the distance moved in this clip.
  • Download this [removed, put in Wiki] which is the entire 90 second test and if you click through the entire video in three clicks with the position slider in your media player, it will make it apparent that the cavity is moving with the same speed over the entire test.

(You will need the latest version of VLC to play those clip properly.)

The problem is that it doesn’t swing back which could either be from cable stiffness or the movement was caused by the cable heating (In the direction we expect??).  The results are encouraging to say the least.

Do I now owe Kevin and Gary $60?