First and Last Frame Comparisons

Before we started powering up the cavity, Kevin and I were testing the IR remote through the screen and we capture about a minute of footage which I had deleted. I went back and compared the first frame with the last frame and created an animated gif here:

The light shifting is because I am inside the cage and it shows negligible movement by the cavity.

What the comparison above shows is that the cable straightening is not the cause of the movement because over the minute that we recorded, with no power, the cavity did not move noticeably.  There were transient tremors even with the power off because when the door was opened on the Faraday cage, it would shake the apparatus.  However, we were aware of the movement and let the cavity stop moving before we initiated any tests, especially the longer ones because we also let everything cool down.

Below are before and after frame shots for our other shorter tests – below is the result from the 75 second test:


Below is the result from our 45 second test:


And our 30 second test:


It moved a shorter distance for shorter tests.  Wow!!

For fun, here is a before and after shot for our 90 second test:


The starting frame is taken just after the power is turned on and the last frame is taken just before power is turned off.

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