Zhu Yu Paper from Chinese NPU

I spent most of the day updating the wiki with the results from last week. Through a link in a forum, I stumbled across the paper published by Zhu Yu, Yang Juan and Ma Nan from the Chinese Northwestern Polytechnical University (reported on here, in October 2008 (attached) and Kevin spend time translating it.

To summarize the paper – They took the force equations straight from Shawyer’s paper for his first cavity and tested to see which mode generated the highest Q values. Their conclusion was that the TE0,1,2 mode generated the highest Q at 79K which matches well with our recent simulations with a TE0,1,4 mode and had a Q (with copper) at 70K. Apparently they used the Ansys software for the simulations which is uses a finite element method to calculate the Q. One curious thing they did was optimize the angle between the front plate and the sides which would have made the front and back diameters smaller/larger with some type of algorithm.

The paper covers only calculations and numerical results not an experiment. We are going to do a search with the author’s name to see if we can find a paper outlining the results from any recent experiments.

There is an English abstract at the bottom of the paper. (PDF not attached)

I also found a higher resolution and longer version of the Demonstration Test Engine video.

I should be up tomorrow.