Shippng Quotes & Simulations

Here is what was accomplished today:

  1. Worked a number of hours contacting shipping companies to get quotes on shipping the vacuum chamber from Florida. The vacuum chamber I hope to win is here: (eBay link removed)
    Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that if I do bid the $600US I plan to (upon verification the inside dimensions are over 18″ square), that I will be outbid. Because it is an “altitude test” chamber, it likely has cooling or heating elements inside making it worth more then I am willing to pay.
  2. Kevin and I found a tuning mechanism among the spare parts in the lab, that will work for the tuning plate at the back of the cavity. It is sitting beside my monitor now.
  3. I ran four simulations and varied the tuning plate at the back of the cavity by 0.25mm increments and resonance is unfortunately very sensitive. Getting this cavity to resonated properly is going to be difficult.
  4. Kevin and I also talked over how to mount the cavity inside the vacuum chamber such that it would have enough freedom to move given the expected force is in milli-newtons.
  5. I also did a search of all the instruments and chambers at the UofA through this interface – and found the university has a lot of “vacuum ovens”, however they are too small. I will search again tomorrow for a proper vacuum chamber we can use. The University of Waterloo has one, lol –