Vacuum Chamber Bought and MythBusters

I am now the proud owner of this:


Inside Dimensions – 30″ high, 25″ in diameter! I paid $1660US and more details are here!  It is located in Santa Fe, NM and I am getting shipping quotes now.

It can handle high vacuum too(!), i.e. 10-4 Torr or lower, although that requires two pumps, one called a “rough” in pump, one of which I have, to get it to 10-3 Torr and then a “turbo” or “oil diffusion” pump to get it to hard vacuum.  It helps that it has a water jacket that can be used to heat the chamber which makes getting it to hard vacuum easier.  When the molecules hit the heated chamber wall, they rebound with more energy and find their way out of the chamber faster.

It is made by a well know vacuum chamber manufacturer too, MDC who sells all sorts of flanges and adapters.

It is very similar to the one used by Mythbusters for their “antigravity” experiments!  Perfect!