JB Vacuum Pump & Wood Lathe

I took delivery of the JB vacuum pump today and it looks to be in decent condition, although I have to get oil and hoses for it yet.  I haven’t heard if the vacuum chamber got shipped but it should have left this afternoon.  I am also starting to bid on CF flanges for the chamber and a nice one popped up today.

I contacted a wood lathe shop about getting a wood mold that looks like the pictures below.  The idea is to wrap a single precut section of copper around the mold, strap it in place and then braze the seam closed.  The benefit of using a mold is that one complete piece of copper can be used, it will eliminate the circular seams and I should be able to get it within the 1mm tolerances required.  The diagram below was generated from a 3D CAD drawing which will also be used to make sure the mounting for the tuning mechanism works.