Updating Wiki & Wood Lathe Update

I spent half the day updating the wiki including a new page on the vacuum chamber with sections on the setup and acrylic window.

The rest of the time I spent learning about wood lathes and getting quotes.  The wood worker I talked with today said that 11″ in diameter and 15″ long wood is hard to come by because the wood needs to dry for up to five years. The other option was that he could glue two pieces together and he suggested a price of $500.  I can buy a second hand wood lathe complete with chisels for $325 (Removed link to Edmonton Kijiji)!  I then called a log home manufacturer based near St. Albert and from the sounds of it, I can get scrap ends from logs that have been sitting around for years, made of Alberta Spruce for nothing and large diameter ones too.  Part of the problem is that the lathe I have in mind only has a clearance of 12″ which will work for the 11″ diameter cavity, but not for a 14″ standard sized log.  Anyway, I’m sure I can figure it out.