Wood Lathe & Vacuum Chamber Parts

This past week, I have been on a spending spree:

I bought the wood lathe for $325CND and it has now taken up refuge in my garage, along with a new shop vac to clean up the prolific shavings generated when turning:  I will have to get a video of the lathe in action because it really makes a great mess in short order.

I also contacted a local log house builder and got some large wood blanks (shown below) for free.  On Tuesday next week I will be going to a friend’s place to borrow his chain saw to cut the blanks to fit on the lathe.  The one with the bark still on is probably my best bet for the mold, given it has the least number of cracks.

I also purchased plastic sheeting for the model to make sure my idea for using the wood forming mold will work.  Ironically, the plastic sheets (shown below) cost me $34, about what it would have cost me for the copper sheeting.  One of the plastic sheets is transparent though and I can them make sure the tuning plate inside is working correctly.

I also purchased a whole pallet of vacuum parts ($250US eBay) and they will start their journey to the university on Monday ($248US).


I figured I am going to need vacuum ports, windows, fasteners and the like and instead of paying for everything in piece meal fashion, I would go with a bit lot.  I will probably resell some of the parts onto eBay to recoup my cost.

I also have a bid in on an 8″ flange which gives you an idea of how much single ports can go for, even second hand.