Ol’Sparky & Wood Lathe

The spending spree continues:

I bought a grinder to sharpen the lathe tools and clean up edges of the copper after plasma cutting, among other things:

Besides “ol’ sparky”, I also bought “outside” calipers to measure the diameter of the wood and a face shield, both for working on the lathe.

I spent considerable time yesterday and this morning at the customs office near the International airport, getting the vacuum chamber through.  After a ten hours cumulative including driving time, waiting in line, and fixing my mistakes, the chamber should have cleared inspection today!  I can’t wait to see it at the university and see how it survived the trip and custom’s inspections.  I have some anxiety that customs in their desire to see inside the thing, will have dropped it or worse.  The good news is that I used the wrong tariff region code the first time through and I should get the $121 in duties refunded!  With much instruction from a helpful customs officer (Alan), I have also learned exactly how to do the paper work for the upcoming shipment of vacuum parts (which, did you know has an import code for exactly that – 9617.00.00.20, parts for vacuum chambers)  The vacuum parts got shipped on Monday and should be here by next week if things work as usual.

I borrowed the chain saw from a friend yesterday, but after making a few cuts, it was clear the blades were too dull.  I have taken the blades in to get sharpened which should be done by Friday.  I am busy all weekend starting early Friday afternoon with Salsa related duties, but should have wood on the lathe by Monday afternoon.

I finished roughing in my first practice log on the lathe today!

It gets hot in the garage on 30 degree days!