Big News – The Latest EMDrive Paper

Wired published an article today that talks about Shawyer’s cavity and a paper he published at a CEAS 2009 conference earlier this week.  Having read over the article and paper, there are a few interesting things to note:

  • Shawyer mentions that for the first cavity, he did do some tests to eliminate spurious effects, such as buoyancy, by placing the cavity inside a hermetically sealed container.  With our vacuum chamber, we should be able to push the tests one step farther.
  • Shawyer still doesn’t mention what the measured results are from the superconducting cavity although the “calculated” results show a potential force of 143Kg (Holy frack!) for a 6KW input.
  • His recent tests have been funded by “substantial shareholder investment”
  • He mentions numerous other groups duplicating his work (our research not included)
    • Two other groups, one in China and one in the USA are working on EmDrive projects. We understand that significant progress has been made in both theoretical and experimental work, within these groups. Reports have also been received of work in a further two countries. In the UK we have started the initial performance tests of our first flight thruster.
  • He also published a picture of the superconducting cavity I have not seen before:

I will be sending around the latest Levitee update this evening.