3D Printed Cavity Finished!

Will at Motive got back to me with great news on the 3D printing front – the cavity is finished:

(The black stuff which seems to be dripping from the part is support material which is dissolved away.)  Once the cap for the top is printed, everything will be shipped up to me this week.

I also got the drill bits for the acrylic yesterday and will be up at the university sometime this week to move the construction of the vacuum chamber forward.

The copper lining will be waterjet cut in order to make sure the accuracy is as close as possible and I have Superior Waterjet lined up to do the job this week.  I have been working these past few days to make sure my pattern (shown below) is workable and still need to lay out two more pieces.  The great news about having the plastic to insert the copper lining into is that everything can be unbolted and taken apart, for example if we want to insert a superconducting lining, etc.