3D Printed Part Analyzed

Waterjet cutting of the copper got delayed until next week as the vendor is busy. The parts on the left will be cut from the thinner 12oz copper (0.0162″) and the circles will be cut from 32oz (0.0431″) copper.

I have 4′ by 8′ sheets of both the 12oz and 32oz copper.

I spent yesterday at the university trying to bolt the vacuum chamber together, but as usual, there were surprises.  I need bolts with a different pitch to fasten on the ports, and after a trip to Home Depot, I am pretty sure I have the right size now.  The new drill bits work excellent on the acrylic.  I have a length of 2″ aluminum square tubing which will go from the center underside of the top shelf to bottom shelf which should increase the maximum weight of the top shelf considerably.  Having measured everything at the university, I will be in the garage this weekend, plasma cutting it to size.

I got the 3D printed parts from Motive delivered by courier yesterday and they look awesome!

Because of problems with the machine, there are enough for almost two cavities (which I paid an extra $200 for, although I think it barely covered their cost)

Having looked at the surface, some spots can be bumpy and I am glad now with the plan to line the inside with copper.  The precision is quite impressive though, for example, below is a rendered shot compared with the printed part:

As you can see, in the rendered version I filleted the edges of the bolt blocks and the similarity is impressive.  The picture also shows there can be some surface irregularities, but they are superficial.