Probe Mounting

Not much has gotten done in the closing days of November because of TOF work, however I did come up with a design for the probe mount that should work:

The idea is to:

  • Drill out the plastic with a standard size bit, slightly larger then the dielectric
  • Then drill a tiny hole in the copper liner and use a dremel tool to make the hole just large enough to fit the dielectric
  • Then wrap a strip of very thin copper multiple times around the dielectic until it fits snugly into the hole.  The wrapped copper jacket will stick up slightly past the plastic shell and when the probe mount is screwed down, it will hold the jacket in place pressing it against the copper liner and provide a path to ground.  The copper jacket can be made as thick as necessary depending on the size of the hole.

The great news is that I can buy the 50ohm N-Type connectors for $13US and by chance, the dielectric is just long enough to fit through into the cavity.

The length of the dielectric is 0.590 inches and the distance between the inside of the copper lining and top of the plastic is 1.5cm or 0.590 Inches.

I might also counter-sink the probe mount into the plastic (using a dremel tool) to make the clearances less tight and to get a better connection between the N-connector and the wrapped copper jacket.

I hope to get the copper lining brazed this week, however, it looks like TOF will keep me busy.

(A big hello to Adrian who has joined the team at the university)