Vacuum Chamber Acrylic Window Finished!

I was up at the university and finished the front acrylic window:

The seal is pretty good, although I will likely need clamps to get it tight but once under a vacuum, the external pressure should seal it.  I also attached the portal on top and still need to find caps for four of the smaller holes.  I haven’t figured out how to get the coax cable into the chamber yet…  I will be back up at the university next week.

New Digital Vacuum Gauge

The digital vacuum gauge I originally purchased a couple months ago stopped working (or it never worked and I didn’t notice until now, darn!!) Anyway, I sent it away to get fixed and they said it was “beyond economical repair”.  So I bought another gauge ($262CND)!

It arrived early this week and has an external replaceable sensor and the display is in bright red letters which will make it easier to film.  Unfortunately the thread on the sensor doesn’t fit the previously purchased T-shaped brass joint and I have go shopping again to find the right fittings.

I spent the afternoon today at the university and got the strut supporting the upper shelf of the vacuum chamber finished.  I also worked on getting the hinges ready for bolting on the front clear acrylic door.  I am now a few more steps closer to pumping it down for the first time.