Cavity Almost Finished!

I got the probes mounted over the past few days and below are pictures of the event:

The picture above shows the small measurement probe with the copper sheeting.  I test mounted the probes on the extra pieces that Motive sent to make sure everything went as expected.  I then mounted both probes:

The probe hole turned out a bit rough and next time, I will use a dremel tool to enlarge the hold instead of a drill bit which left rough edges:

I tried cleaning it up as best I could, but I suspect if there are problems with resonance or more likely arcing, I will have to redo the entire thing. The good news is that the plastic slides off easy enough and I have enough extra copper for another cavity.  I also have the experience of making this one up which will help.

Ideally the probe holes should look like this:

Here is a shot of the almost completed cavity:

I used the shorter top piece in order to make sure the copper stuck above it.  The top piece is only anchored by friction at the moment and needs to be attached to the bottom piece.  The bare copper is useful because we can use an IR thermometer to see if the cavity is heating.