Signalhound Comparison and Attenuator Test


  • Signalhound and 70dB step attenuator seem to work fine

I was up at the university yesterday in order to test the Signalhound and the 70dB step attenuator and both of them seem to work fine.  Here is the test setup for the attenuator:

To change the levels of attenuation, a 15v power supply was required and the attenuator was hooked up between the ports of the network analyzer.  The attenuation was as expected and it was neat to hear the attenuator make a solid click when changing between attenuation levels.

The network analyzer was then used as a super accurate signal generator and hooked to both the Agilent spectrum analyzer and Signalhound at the same time.  The spectrum analyzer was attached to channel two and the signal hound attached to channel one.

The results were then compared:

Looks pretty good, although the Agilent is cleaner and faster, the Signalhound is certainly usable.

Many thanks to Kevin who took a few minutes to configure the network analyzer and spectrum analyzer to make the measurements.

I then packed up all the waveguide components, power supplies, pump, radiator, and magnetrons and carted them out to the car in preparation for my drive to Kelowna on Friday, October 22nd.