Latest and likely last update

As this blog is now getting some traffic from forums and such, here is an update on where things stand:

  • The EM Drive duplication research this blog documents, ala “G-Zero” (Wiki) has, for the foreseeable future, ceased because:
    • NASA has done exactly what I had set out to do  (NASA link You can find the NASA paper with a PDF Search)
    • Before the NASA results had come out, I had stopped because I did not have the resources to complete the experiment properly.  After talking with Shawyer directly, I realized that I would need to spend a lot more money to get the machined aluminum copper plated cavity resonating and tested properly.

As for the 440Mhz cavity, it has not been built, only simulated but if anyone wants to donate the funds, I might be persuaded to attempt it.

On a house-keeping note: All the content under the “Research Summary” pages of this site were originally on the now-no-longer-password-protected Curvity wiki.  I have pointed those pages to the original source pages on the wiki (which means all the picture links work).

If the whole alien contact thing of Curvity hasn’t turned you off yet and you are curious why on earth I would spend so much time and money trying to duplicate the EM Drive, the answer is here.

If you have any questions contact me at sean at daniel fry dot com.


Sean Donovan
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada