2019 My Year of Fry and Curvity is 凹凸论

I have decided to devote as much time as I can this year to getting everything done with Fry, including, hopefully, a presentation at a UFO conference. I am single again and my life looks to be stable enough for the next year to make this possible.

I have been over the past week and for the next few weeks, moving the good stuff from the Curvity wiki into WordPress here. It is taking a long time, for example, this page on the design and test phase took something like four hours to move over, in large part, because it had 30meg FLV videos which I had to convert into 1meg animated gifs.

I also have a bunch of other somewhat related improvements, including a subdomain dedicated to tracking authentic Fry originals and offering a place to sell them (not public yet).

I also came up with the translation of Curvity into 中文 – Curvity in Mandarin is now called 凹凸论 (ao1 tu1 lun4) which translates into concave convex theory. I also really like the simple 凹凸 characters which are actually completely legitimate 简体 simplified script and found them by typing “curvaceous” into Pleco (flashcard app). The 论 (lun4) character means theory is also used in 相对论 or Relativity.