Quikense | A Gravitic Drone Business Plan

As seems usual in my middle age, I wake up around 3am and think of weird crap. This is some of that:

Quikense, short for “Quick Sense” is a gravitic drone business idea. The elevator talk is:

Quikense is a remotely AI piloted drone company which uses drones to help people, either walk to their car, video tape potential problems like car accidents for insurance purposes and respond to police calls. With an iphone app, you can call a drone to your location within sixty seconds and it can provide close support like shining a light overhead, and recording video. This would be supported by a monthly fee.

With gravitic drones, drones that use gravity for propulsion, they can be completely silent and mostly controlled by AI. When the need arises, trained operators from their home, could help, giving words of advice, talking down threats, or guiding medics.

The use cases are various:

  • Insurance – video tape accidents, provide insurance companies on-site presence.
  • Police – first responder video
  • Parents – hiking guides, field trip monitors, etc.


The drones would be stacked in silos and with a call, would launch and in a special airspace designated for drones with specific pathways for certain directions, arrive as soon as possible, using the smartphone location to find the target.

Drones would be equipped with microphones, speakers, video cameras including infrared, and paint ball guns (for deterrence, not officially acknowledged). They would for the most part, be AI controlled, using multiple cell data providers for connectivity.

Drone silos would have an area of coverage, much like cell towers, and would have larger versions for police response and non-city response. Advanced police responding drones would have bullet detection and mitigation systems, spinning to certain side to accept the incoming round into an absorbent material for later retrieval.

They would also have pop-up video screens showing the face of an operator.