Privacy Notes & Copyright

A few notes about the blogs entries

  • Please respect the confidentiality of this blog by taking care not to post a link to it in a public place.  All the data will eventually go public on this page, but not until the academic paper has been published.  Having this blog go public before hand will mean the academic paper will not be acceptable to any journal!!
  • The blog entries are all copied from emails sent to my academic supervisors.
  • About %95 of the emails had titles of the form “Levitee Research Update for <month>, <day>, <year>”  however because the blog dates already reflect  when the emails were sent, I changed the titles to something more descriptive.  It should help with finding blog entries through search engines too.
  • The emails that ended up being blog entries here are further summarized and added to the Wiki (which is currently password protected and unavailable)


  • Everything on this blog including pictures, text, video is copyright by Levitee.  (Sorry no CC license for this stuff cause I might write a book about it someday!)